View Full Version : Newb first try at bezels

06-16-2008, 08:13 PM
I just made and installed some 3/4" MDF bezels behind my 6.5's in my front doors. This is my first stab at doing this, so it's not the neatest job.

I just want to say that I didn't really expect a huge difference from just doing this. But after I did it I can say that it does make a difference and for the minimal money and effort required, it is more than worth it.

I did one speaker then cut on my stereo. I went back and forth from the door with the MDF bezel to the door without and I definitely heard a difference. Was is an earth shattering difference that made my system sound like the pros? No. Was it worth doing? Yes.

I got the MDF free. I drive a truck and deliver home construction materials (doors, windows, stair parts, trim, etc...) so I just ganked a piece of waste 8.25 base molding and used it. That explains why it's primed.

Here are some pics of what I did. Comments and suggestions to do it better next time are welcome, but don't tell me to learn how to cut a straight circle. I was the jigsaw champion of 1988. Biznitch.