View Full Version : 05 TB...suspension? ball joints?

06-15-2008, 08:03 PM
So i'm taking my truck back into the shop for repair....again. with 40k miles.

I do have 2-350lbs in the rear (xxx 18, sealed enclosure) so i dont know if that has contributed to the problem, but anyway..

When i hit a bump, i notice a quick "squeak" in the front left area. Also when i'm going at high rate of speed (50-80) the squeak comes and goes regardless of bumps.

Now so i don't sound like a soccer mom when i tell the shop manager what the problems are, what exactly could that indicate? Shocks? Ball joints? larger suspension problem?

And i also noticed that when i hit a bump, instead of going up and down the car sways left and right. Sway bar?

thanks for any help.

07-24-2008, 04:14 AM
Hey man i am not forsure what you problem is but if you have a Sears Auto Center near you. You can take you truck there and they can do a FREE front end inspection. I work for a sears auto center as a sales associate and we have alot of people come in to just see whats wrong with there vehicles and then they go fix it them self. I do it sometimes too lol. I hope this helps a little bit.