View Full Version : Switching to Comps up front...does tweet position matter?

06-12-2008, 03:34 AM
so right now I have a set of Polyglass 165CVX Focals in a set of pods in raammat'd and enslolite'd doors in my 350z...what I want to do now is change over to components...mainly just want to switch the focals out first (they are beautiful speakers, very detailed, and very clean and crisp, but a little too bright for my tastes...I want something that is softer, but not bad soft...but the focals when listening to a lot of treble really pierces...). Anyways, for those of you familiar with the 350z...would mounting the woofer in the pods down low in the door, and mounting the tweets in the sails be too far apart? its probably about 16 inches give or take. Also, right now the sails kind of point towards each other and downwards...whats the best firing angle I should try to accomplish...perhaps with swivel mounted tweets? I have an alpine 9887 that I will imprint soon, would that fix any phase and delay issues I might have with having the tweet so far from the woofer?

Also, the set I am thinking of getting are probably Rainbow SLC 265 Kicks or CMX 264 Kicks

06-13-2008, 09:04 PM
you might need some time delay for mids and tweets spaced that far apart but the idea sounds good

06-14-2008, 06:17 AM
I've had no prolems with the mids and tweets farther apart than that. A lot will depend on the exact components and the exact locations in question. Try the tweeter in several different locations and with different aiming (use blu-tac or two sided tape to temporarily hold the tweets in the different locations) until you find one that you like.