View Full Version : 6x9's?

05-27-2003, 04:49 PM
im looking to upgrade my stockers which are 6x9's in the rear and i think 6.5's in the front

i have read that 6x9s are not good for sound quality, but do them 6.5s get as loud? i think i could put 6.5's in the rear

im looking to spend about 60-70 per pair, what amp for them too?

ya i know its probly been coverered but the search function didnt help me

05-27-2003, 04:55 PM
if you're short on money, then just use the hu for power for now until you get enough to buy something good, like a 4 channel us acoustics or something. anyways, i believe 6x9's generally aren't as good for sq as are 5x7's or 6.5's or 5.25's. if you could fit any one of those back there, i'm sure it would sound better. now, i know a lot of people on here will argue that you don't need any rear fill, but i think that's an oppinion, and not a fact. if you like rear fill(ie the 6x9's or whatever you are going to replace them with) then i say go for it. as for brands, just go to your local car audio dealer and listen to everything that they have, that's really the only way to determine what you like. i could sit here and tell you that nothing is better than focal, but to some people, boston might sound better. midrange is all oppinion. you may find that by going to your dealer that you actually like a bottom of the line set of bostons better than a top of the line MB Quart.