View Full Version : 4 15"s box design. different than Ive seen, need input

06-05-2008, 05:40 AM
Trying to SQUEEZE a big box in the back of my car to let 4 audioque sdc 2.5 15" woofers breathe.

Right now Im running 2 of them in 7 cubes @ 36 hz and I dont think im getting the output I should be based on my ports being less than 3" away from my hatch....

Im debating building this T style box but dont know if it will sound any better and if this design and port placement will work just fine. It will be subs forward port back. Unless convinced otherwise. Is sub forward going to cause a difference?

Its gonna be about 16 cubes total when done, taking up most of my suvs hatch, but I'll have a 3-4" gap so I can still recline my seats back a good bit.

Heres what it looks like


The subs will be MUCH closer together, almost touching on the top 3. So that will be facing the front of the car

And what will be facing the rear.


The port would be like 35" long on the base there, and maybe 6-8" tall depending on the math, but it would fit in the bottom of that "t" and would be a basic slot.

What im curious about is, when doing subs forward, port back and a slot port like that. Would the direction of my port not matter?? Like its kinda just like the air would be able to escape the box to easy, there would be no "L" or walls it would have to bounce off of, almost like the subs could just fire the air right out the back. Hard to explain

The box would be made of 1" mdf, couple dowel brcaes and fiberglassed angles. Probably a tune in the high 30's again.

Any ideas?


06-05-2008, 12:56 PM
what vehicle is this going in?

06-05-2008, 06:34 PM
the one in my avatar, infiniti qx4