View Full Version : Can someone check these dimensions please!

05-31-2008, 01:53 AM
I am building a box for a single 15 SSA Icon, It's my first box build and I think I have it close.

My box is 33" W x 16" Tall x 17.75" deep

4.3 cu. ft. before displacement.

Tuned to 32hz

port is 68 ish"

Port is slot port

4.75" wide by 14.5" tall.

Port dimensions are port1 is 14.5 tall x 13.25"

Port2 is 14.5 tall x 21.75"

I used car stereos website calculator's for this I dont care if its perfect, as long as it's close.

I'll be runnin this off of a Sundown 1500, think It'll sound decent?