View Full Version : Sealed size for Polk SR-124 DVC....??

05-31-2008, 01:14 AM
I wanted to see if anyone might have any opinions on an appropriate size box for this single 12". When originally designing the box, I somehow double the size of what I wanted originally and it doesn't sound too great, lol. The size of the box I have right now is 2.26 ft^3 rather than the 1.13 ft^3 that I had needed to calculate.

The specs for the sub are:
Fs: 30hz
Qts: .55
Qes: .6
Qms: 8
Vas: 53L

Given that and the audio design book I have I came up with a 1.13 ft^3 closed enclosure which should give me 50hz @ -3. That's also right how I have my gain set for the amp.

Any other suggestions?