View Full Version : Rockford Fosgate Limted Edition "25 to Life" Punch 150

05-30-2008, 08:12 PM
Quick review.

Sale Price = $202.95 + Shipping I bought two of these. One for use, one for my collection.

Initial Impressions

You would be hard pressed to not find this amp impressive. Ive had a old school 150HD and this thing is a monster by comparison. close to 18 inch's long, weights a ton. Really beefy. Love the old school look of the thing... no chrome, no flash.. no light up emblems. Amp is rated @ 75w per channel onto 4 ohms, it actually does much much more.


Comes with a free t-shirt, bass knob, Limited Edition box with serial. Only 2500 built. Nice....


Friends system, 12" SSD with copper Coil. 1.38 cuft sealed box. Normally he runs a zx1500.1 @ 4 ohms (around 800 watts). Kept the Gains relitively low, and didn't do anything crazy. We were both really impressed with the amp. Sounded very clear and tight. We both liked it better than the zx1500.1, sounded cleaner and louder, although it was getting around 1xx extra watts, it had a much fuller sound to the bass. Mostly linkin park and a couple rap tracks. The SSD took the power well, excellent for being overpowered some. Sounded good the whole time.

Overall, with my limited experience, i've give it a 9.5 out of 10. I wish the connections were alittle better... not bad, but seemed alittle small for such a heavy amp. Cant beat it for the price...as long as your big 3 are up to par.

****** "Little" amp for only being rated at 180 bridged.

This is the Unopened one im keeping for later.