View Full Version : FS: JBL TLX Center and 2 Surround Speakers

05-27-2008, 07:45 PM
These have been just sitting in my room for the past 5 years with almost no use (probably around an hour or so). My dad bought them a long time ago, and we never bought a receiver so they were never used. They literally have less than 5 hours on them in the past 8 years or so (not sure exactly when he bought them). I connected them to my Yamaha receiver that I also had lying around and they sound great. They're 8ohm and I don't know much more about them

1 Center Speaker (Pretty wide at 16") (9/10 looks)
2 Surround Speakers (8.7/10 looks, some small scratches on the top)

Asking $100 shipped since I have no idea what they're worth, but make me an offer I can't refuse and they're yours.