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05-27-2008, 11:37 AM

SPLMAX CUP action in Regions 1 and 5 last weekend

In a surpise move, Aaron Cole displayed the SPLMAX CUP trophy last weekend at the SPLMAX SHOW. Aaron was present all weekend demonstrating and answering questions about the SPLMAX CUP

The SPLMAX CUP competition was fierce last weekend.


Region 1
In Californa, at the Stereo Base show, Team Ssb - Tim won again in the 149 class and is in the current points leader. This is his 2nd win this month. Tim was also the big money winner. Team Bassick - Nyman and Team Bassick - Brandon S of Team B Slap Yo Mama was able to maintain thier 2-man team points lead by good consistant team work.

A fierce rivalry has formed between Team Bassick and Team SSB. Each team is bringing 3 to 4 team members per event. Thier goal is to try to knock out the other teams big points winners.


Region 5
The Splmax Show in Chester WV brought out the big hitters. In attendance was Ed Gardner ( 2 time World Champion), Team Nutz - Nathan ( 2005 World Champion), Adam Trifonoff, (2007 World Champion) and Steve Mick ( 2007 World Champion and 2007 SPLMAX CUP winner).

The competiton was good. Ties galore. In the 129 class, Adam Trifonoff & Greg Zoller tied 5 times in one round. Adam finally winning the match.


HI RES PHOTO OF THE TIE (http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_1/9/2/0/30291/P1010057_799f5.JPG?v=c278)

For the second time in two shows, Michael Lutz again faced new comer Nick Probst in the brackets. At the last event they tied in the final round. This week they tied again. In the tie breaker, Michael edged Nick and went on to win the 139 class and the big money.

For currents standings, pictures, and schedule of events, visit www.SPLMAX CUP.com or www.TERMPRO.com