View Full Version : Want to make my own comp set

05-26-2008, 07:02 AM
Rather than buy a complete set, I'd like to piece a set together, having just what I want regarding sound.

I'm looking for a tweeter that is smooth, not high pitched to make my ears bleed. I'm guessing a silk-cone tweeter.

What's a couple good ones?

As for mid bass, something that sounds good, but also has decent bass. Need a couple ideas to which woofer to select.

And lastly, crossovers, what are a couple good ones?

My setup; an old school Kenwood 2 channel amp (KAC-729S). My amp does around 100rms @ 4 ohms, and about 150rms @ 2 ohms per channel.

Or maybe someone can reccomend me a good set of 6.5" components that will suit my amp and needs.

Any input much appreciated. :veryhapp:

05-27-2008, 05:01 PM
You'd be better off doing an active setup, rather than trying to put together a passive crossover for a random set of speakers.

As for the speakers, the Seas Neo tweets and the Mach 5 mid would be a good, low-cost choice, from what I hear. I haven't heard that setup personally.

If you have to stay with a passive crossover, then just get a set of PG RSd65cs components, for $90 shipped. Can't beat it.