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05-21-2008, 06:59 AM
Alright, so my girl bought be some speakers for my car as a birthday present. (I'm sure many of you shuddered once you heard that, as did I.) Now, I don't know much about car audio but I'm hoping that you all could answer a few questions which will help me decide whether I wanna keep the speakers and get them installed, or whether I should sell them/return them and invest in ones I really want.

These are the speakers:


I drive an 07 Nissan Frontier. Completely stock audio.

My questions:
-I see that it says 70watts, does that mean each individual speaker pushes 70watts (i.e 70wX4 = 280watts total), or is it 70w per pair?
-Also, how loud -relatively- is 70watts? (I'm not looking for anything insane, but my stock speakers just aren't doing it for me.)
-And finally, would my current in-dash be able to provide enough power for these new speakers?

Although I want to say that these are all the questions I have, I'm pretty sure more are gonna pop into my head soon enough.

Thanks in advance!

05-21-2008, 07:08 AM
speakers dont put out watts, they take them. they are rated to take 70 watts a piece, im assuming RMS cause i didnt look at the link, but for the speakers that the link looks like it is, your stock HU will be fine. the basis of your system though is your reciever so if you want better sound look into an aftermarket cd player, thats the best place to start. cuz you could have the best equip. in the world with a **** cd player and it would still sound like ****. but even the worst equip. comes alive with a nice HU. dont skimp out on the brains of your system or it would be like having a retarded system

05-21-2008, 11:47 AM
If your girl is the kind that will be mad if you return a present then I would install them and later invest in something better. If she wont mind, grab the reciept and hit up ebay and woofersetc.

I dont know how much those were but I havent really heard any insignia stuff that I was pleased with. And those are 70W peak, 35RMS. (35x4)

Always look at RMS for a better power rating. If they only show peak, usually cut that in half to get an approx RMS power. Though sometimes ive seen it listed 100RMS and 300 peak.

And yeah check around for an upgraded Head Unit. The low end pioneer stuff can be had cheap and sounds great.

05-22-2008, 03:04 AM
thanks for the quick responses!

you guys have told me exactly what i need to hear!

I already spoke to her, and were going to best-buy tommorrow, haha.

Once again, THANKS!

S.T. :D