View Full Version : Help adding imaging tweets

05-20-2008, 11:09 PM
I've been running some BA Z6's in the front doors of an 03 Ford F250. They are getting 320w from an Arc Audio FD4150. The sound stage is very low.
Now I want to add some imaging tweets on the A-frames. Any recommendations? I was thing about the tweets from the Pro 60's, but the power may be an issue. What issues would I have using another brand? What would happen if I ran them off the same amp without going active? Active is in the future, but at least a year away. Then I'll be looking at some three way Rainbows.
Any thoughts about putting the current tweets in the new SPZ rotating tweet cups and just angling them up to raise the stage? I'm pretty open to any ideas, and would really like to keep the system stealth.
Thanks for your help.