View Full Version : starting a little 10" project....

05-20-2008, 12:48 AM
So its my first post on here but i've been checking out the site for a while i've just never registered. Anyways im going to build a box this weekend for a little peice of **** audiobahn 10 I have just for fun. I have no experience with ported boxes so I need some expert advice from you audioGods. haha..

I have a couple designs so far but i'm not sure which one to do...
1.35 ft>3 tuned to 34 w/ 18.75 sq in port area.
2.37 ft>3 tuned to 34 w/ 27.75 sq in port area.

id like it to at least turn out decent and be pretty clean on most rap songs as I need something to tide me over for a little while(system got stolen).

oh and heres some specs on the sub:
qts > .53
qes > .57
qms > 9.89
vas > .78 ft>3
xmax > 10mm
ebp > 59
and i'll be sending about 400rms to it

I've been trying to research alot and im learning new stuff everyday but don't know **** about ported boxes. any recommendations? (besides the fact that audiobahn ***** haha) thanks alot....

05-20-2008, 10:32 AM
The smaller box should be fine for a single 10". If you want a different design done for you let me know.