View Full Version : Tryin to have loud highs on a budget?

05-17-2008, 11:32 AM
Here's what i plan on running..Keep in mind im just trying to get the mids LOUD but retain alittle clarity(i guess?)

Front stage only(rear deck has been modded so speakers wont be there)

Stock location
Door panels
-RSD tweeters 3.5khz and up
-Eminence Super tweers 6.5khz and up
Door panels(above the arm rest)
-2 PG rival 5.25
Kick panels
-Eminence 6.5 (will be cross to the OEM specs)

and far as power i will be running 3 amps

Super tweeters
-Profile AP400
--so about 200Wrms to the pair(gain will be set properly)
-Profile AP1040
--the pair will see about 160Wrms
PG rival 5.25
-Profile AP1040
--these will be on the other 2 channels wired at 2ohms so they will be seeing 250Wrms for 4 speakers
-Profile CA600
--bridged 4ohms seeing about 300-350Wrms

Im guessing i should have about 1000wmrs on highs..i hope its as loud as i want them to be...