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05-20-2003, 12:13 AM
hi guys,

I have 2 JBL GTI 10"s that I am going to mount inverted (baskets sticking out) in a sealed enclosure. I am buying a sheet of 1" MDF (along with 1/4" for the floor and sides of my trunk) and Im looking for pointers.

Any reccomendations about the size of the box? I think JBL reccomends .75 feet for each one in a sealed enclosure. I am pretty comrortable with the actual DOING of the building, but im hoping you guys can provide me with a list of special things that I will need to do that are specific to subwoofer enclosures.

Silicone and then screws at all edges? do I need ot seal more than that? Metal braces on the inside? polyfill? anything special about how to actually attach the sub to the box? how to mount it? etc etc.........

please dont just say "search" because Im looking for things specific to JBL GTI enclosures (and you cant search for JBL or GTI), and I dont want to rely on my searching to find out what I need to know, in case there are aspects of box construction that I wont even think to search for

Also any tips on how you have attached raised foors to the floor of your car would be helpful too. Adhesive? drill holes int he trunk and screw it in? etc etc.......I am really comfortable working with wood, but just have never done anything in the car audio world so im sure there is a huge list of things to keep in mind

Thanks for your help!

05-21-2003, 03:50 PM
By GTI, you mean a car model?? Like a VW GTI?

Im currently working on a box for my VR6 that fits perfectly and would gladly share the specs for it. :D

05-22-2003, 08:17 PM
by GTI he means the type of subwoofer by JBL.
btw do u have a GTI vr6 or a Jetta vr6? i have a jetta and need some ideas on building amp rack. check out my gallery.

05-22-2003, 08:37 PM
Nice car. :D

I have a '02 Golf VR6 ---> not to be confused with the new GTI 18.T's.....same engine though as your Jetta. :D
Can't believe that guy trashing your car under your gallery.....like to see him try take me on......( /my secret weapon = Neuspeed SuperCharger ;))

But getting back to the amp rack....I tried different setups in mine and a buddies VW and I like it the best when you make the amp rack ontop of the sub enclosure. Brace the inside of the box where the amp would be placed and then cover up all the wires/screws.... with a false carpeted front.

I should be done with my new ported box pretty soon. Hopefully I can get back to it after it stops raining :rolleyes: I'll post some pics on the forum when Im done...and maybe some pics of me building it.