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is this possible?

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here is a post i used to do this on a AVN 5500


here is the text in case it gets deleted:

The image displayed on the opening screen (which is displayed when the power is turned on) can be changed to a Jpeg image stored on a CD-R/RW.

Step 1> "When storing the image data in a CD-R/RW disc make a text file named "CSM.txt" (any content /text is OK) and store it together with the image data.
To create this necessary file, open Microsoft Notepad In Accessories. The text data within the file does not matter. Simply save the file as "CSM.txt" and Include the file on the same disc with the image or images you wish to use for the Opening Screen.
Tip: If you need to modify the image to fit the AVN screen, you can use Microsoft Paint in Accessories or any other image adjustment software.
Format for the disc and image data:
- File size: smaller than 100KB
- File name: ISO9660 standard (keep file name less than 18 characters)
- File extension: .jpg
- Max image size: 416(W) x 240(H) pixels
Step 2> Burn the image or images you want to the CD-R/RW along with the CSM.txt file. Keep the files on the root of the CD – do not store them in folders.

Changing the Welcome screen
Eject your DVD disc from the AVN unit and insert your newly created CD-R/RW disc. It will only take a few seconds to read the image data. DO NOT turn off the ignition key or power down your AVN unit during this time.
A screen will come up saying “Opening Image Change” – touch that button. The names of the images you burned to the disc should now be visible in a list. Simply touch the name of the image you want to use as your Welcome screen. The screen will change to confirm your selection. Confirm your change by pressing “OK”.
Be sure to remove your image disc before turning your AVN unit off.

hope that helps, been searching like crazy to find other codes or advice like this to change any other options.