View Full Version : A couple of noob questions about equalizers...

05-09-2008, 10:42 PM
Like how do they work as in the whole wiring and installing them.

Do you wire the PWR, REM, Turn-On, and Illumination wires into the ones leading into your CD player?

The RCA inputs is coming from the CD player?

Which pre-outs would you use for the RCA's to the EQ?

How would one wire a EQ, CD player and a bass expander together?

Would it be, CD Player Front RCA Pre-Outs - EQ - Front and Rear RCA's to speaker amplifier and if the EQ has an pre-out to subwoofers, you would run some RCA's from those pre-outs to the bass expander and then to the sub amp. But if there are no bass pre-outs from the EQ, you would run the CD player subwoofer pre-outs to the bass expander and then to the subwoofer amp?

And is the sound quality increase and whatnot worth the extra costs?

05-10-2008, 12:36 AM
Yes, I may have answered my own questions halfway through my post, but don't hold that against me. :(

05-10-2008, 12:46 PM
generally speaking you will wire pwr, gnd and remote turn-on to the EQ. Then pick a front or rear RCA output from the headunit and put that into the EQ's input, then wire the EQ's RCA output to a crossover if EQ does not have one built in. From the crossover or EQ/crossover outputs you run the rca's to the amps. If you choose to use the crossover in the headunit, then the EQ will only work with the amp and speakers of the output it is on. You can actually wire in the bass expander just before the bass amp(s) if you like.