View Full Version : Need Speaker Suggestions (Complete Makeover)

05-09-2008, 01:32 PM
I drive a 97 Firbird with the 6spkr monsoon system. I have 6 1/2 components up front, 6 1/2 coaxials in the rear and 5x7 in the hatch. The hatch is going to be completely fiberglassed and I can put any, or no speakers back there. Im sure your judgement is much better than mine but when I have my current 5x7s in the hatch playing I like the sound a lot better than without them but if I dont need them than...more money for me to save.

First question would be if I should have speakers in the hatch or not have any at all, I kind of like the idea of working some speaker pods into the back but I want good sound.

Second question is; if I do get speakers for back there what size should they be.

The last question is the most important. What speakers to get... I was really interested in those high end Boston Acoustic speakers but I'm not set on getting just those speakers. I do plan on spending quite a lot on these speakers but I really would rather not spend over 500 on one set of speakers. That just seems rediculous to me. Also take into account that if I dont need rear speakers I am much more influenced to use that money on the other 4 speakers :greedy:.

Please feel free to shoot me some questions. This is a serious build that I want to finally do and I will admit I really do need some help. But I'm sure I can get some great help from most people on here.