View Full Version : help spl dinamics Ext-3000 failure

05-07-2008, 05:20 AM
Help SPL dinamics Est-3000 failure , i try circuit diagram plate driver board DWM360NHV_v30 .

I found component failures is the key for'm trying to make repairs? I have already changed the final sull'ali IRFN064n is the final audio IRFP360LC I lack to repair the module pilot of IRFP360LC

link amp:

Linking photos module to be repaired :

clones amplifier model:
. American Bass VFL 200.1
. E-Audio 3000D
. Ground Zero GZPA 1.5000SPL
. Hifonics Goliath GX3000D

I need to know value components driver board U1, U2, CL1, Cl4, R9, R36, U3, U4

The IC have the values I just erased a certainty U1-U2 is that if IR21844S or mistake;
I R9-R36 is not burned reads more value, Cl1-Cl4 short, I have already changed 16 IRFP064N is I have to change 12 IRFP360LC but I must first repair driver board