View Full Version : Anyone in North or East Dallas have a test stand?

05-05-2008, 01:08 PM
I live in Rowlett Tx. I have a couple of amps and a head unit and
an eq I want to test before I list on the forum classifieds. So, if
anyone has the means and the time, I'd like to drop by and test them
out. I'm not looking to push the amps too hard, except the I'd like to
test the orion 250hcca with the bridging module on at least a 2 ohm load.
If your test stand is close to the driveway, I can use my pair of 10's as the

I know I'm pretty useless, but I don't have a DMM, so if you do, that may

I don't expect a lot replies to this, but hey, I thought I'd ask!