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05-04-2008, 01:05 AM
My current headunit, a pioneer 7800mp, is failing. Crutchfield has already repaired the headunit once, so this second time, they gave me a store credit to get a new headunit.

I have already asked them to order a DEH-P800PRS, but they said they cannot because Premier is a retail store only product. I even called the retail crutchfield stores in Virginia, and they tell me its cost prohibitive for them to order me one. I found this strange as my local stereo stores, Earmark and Car Toys had no problem ordering anything from any of their vendors. Anyways I really feel like dumping the gift cards on ebay, otherwise my options are Alpine 9885, 9886, 9887, Pioneer 9800BT, Kenwood X692, X792, and maybe Eclipse 3200. I do like Alpine, but I already have the stereo wheel controller for the Pioneer/Sony, not yet installed, and I am not sure about the Imprint package that you must buy separately(rent from Crutchfield).

I do not like the new selection of Pioneer headunits; that new dial(rotary commander) was a big mistake by them. So whats my best solution

Here is a comparsion of the models, excluding the 800PRS
Here is the Pioneer DEH-P800PRS

05-05-2008, 03:41 AM
Crutchfield stocks the CD7200mkII. Won't be back in since it's on back order for a little while, but the 7200mkII is definitely every bit as good as the 800PRS as far as sound quality and tuning, and it even has Bluetooth, HD Radio, USB-Input, etc.

I <3 mine.