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05-03-2008, 03:51 PM
hey all...I have a Vanagon and I need to turn my doors into speakers. this is a basemodel Vanagon truck with rubber floor matts and no carpeting. pritty much a tin can.:rolleyes::laugh:

right now I have a PPI Par 650 and a Hafler 6 channel amp for the doors and a Dr. Crankenstein M80 I was thinking of bridging for a 10" sub.

in my doors I could probably fit a 6" woof down low but I'd need to stand it off the door with a 3/4" mdf spacer ring and up near the window crank I could fit a 4" mid flush. I was thinking I'd make a pod for the tweets on the dash.

I do plan on sound deadining the doors to start, then more deadining in the cab as needed.

I'm thinking I'm gonna need to make new door panels from scratch here. thankfully Vanagon door panels are just flat masonite so it won't be too complicated.

here's what's behind a vanagon door panel. it's not my actual door but it's the same deal. I'd rather not cut on the sheetmetal but drilling a few holes for screws is ok. I'll probably use riv-nuts and machine screws for mounting speaks.

A 6" speaker will fit in the upper hole but will be partly coverd by the corner of the dash when the door is shut. an installer told me a 6" woof should be placed down low anyway.

so, I guess what I'm wondering is, do I pony up $700ish for a set of 3way Focal comps or maybe a less expensive smaller 2 way set just for the upper hole and tweet on the dash ?

I have a 10" sub mounted between the front seats now. it's not hooked up yet. just mounted there cause it fits well in terms of use of avalible space.

I just haven't bought a set of speakers yet for the doors. I have the amps, EQ and head unit.

Speakerlab in seattle recomended a set of 2 way Morel comps but my buddy has Focal and I think they sound pritty great. but then he also has a new Dodge XLT and his interior is super nice so it's not exactly representative. :rolleyes:

I'm not looking to compete or beat down the block but I do want my ride to sound nice for all my work. I plan in installing the speaks and sound deadining myself but having an installer do the wireing.

on a side note I was wondering what do you call that tuff dark grey felt like material people cover speaker boxes with ? I need a search term so I can find some of it.

thanks for your thoughts :D

05-03-2008, 11:29 PM
all of the speaker sets you mentioned sound good. A 6.5" midbass will be a good match for a 10" sub. Try a 2 way system with a sub and see how it sounds first, a 3 way system is harder to install and tune. Put the mid down low on that door.

The grey stuff is usually called trunk liner.