View Full Version : good match of amps and components

05-01-2008, 10:26 PM
newbie here but have been reading the forum for a few weeks.. decided to upgrade using the stock command/nav in my e55 daily driver next week with the following:

2 Arc Audio Kar 300.2 for front and rear door components
1 arc Audio Kar 1000.1 for subs
2 sets of Focal 165 K2p
2 JL audio 10w6
arc audio equalizer

im 44 and my hearing isnt what it used to be so i need to play music a bit louder now, plus have to overcome aftermarket exhaust. my question is this a good combination or would this be overkill ? would the 2 300.2s be too much power for the focals? .. i listen to classic/alternative rock,old school hip hop, house/electronica, and ok am sports radio....

i like fast tight bass not really boomy... will 2- 10w6's produce it?


are these arc audio amps that far below the zapco {regular} reference series in soundstage /clarity/etc ?