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04-30-2008, 03:07 AM
How to backup genuine DVD(windows and mac)

I hope to help solve the problem via the method for people who have the same experience.

I have collected a lot of CDs, and DVDs as a collector. Therefore I cherish those collections very much and will make copies first as the backup after purchasing them. Then the genuine CDs and DVDs will be sealed with plastic for storage.

Copying CD is OK because of the lack of CSS protection.

However, DVDs are usually protected with CSS. Much copying software, like Nero and Toast, can not copy the DVDs with CSS.

In fact, there is much software with the function to copy the protected DVD such as Pavtube DVD Copy, DVDBackup, and Burn and so on.

Today I will tell you a method that can decrypt CSS and the region protection code.

The next is for Windows:

First download Pavtube DVD Copy, you know the installing is very easy and you just follow its instruction. Then you will see the main interface:


The tool is very powerful and when you insert DVD, it will automatically decrypt the protections of your original DVD. So it will take a little time to complete the process and you will wait until it is done. After this, you can choose the copy modes: copy the full disc or just the main movie to the hard drive or a blank disc.

Here I want to talk about the method to copy full disc. The copying process is first it will copy the original disc to the hard drive. Second burn it to a blank disc. So before this you must be sure of the size of the hard disk. At least it is up to 5G for space. Otherwise it will fail to copy or the unexpected error.

After choosing the original disc, then choose the target folder. OK, here, you can leave the computer and have a cup of tea. The copying time is related to the size of the hard drive and the reading and writing speed. After this, it will prompt you to insert another blank disc.
It will precede the burning task then wait for not long time. OK, an excellent copy will\come out.
Here is MAC system below:
First please download MacTheRipper. The installing process is very easy if you follow the step by step instruction. You can do it by yourself.
After the installation, please run MacTheRipper and import DVD. This is the main interface of MacTheRipper.


First click “File” / “Save To…….”, and specify where to save the ripped files. There is “SAVE LOCATION” at the top of the main interface. The sigh “NOT SET” shows that you don’t specify where to save. So the ripped files will show on the laptop.


Until here, all the program are all in Disc page. There is a option: New Region (default as “all” ). These shows the ripped files can be played on player of either region. So you don’t have to worry about the converted DVD for playing on player. RCE Region (Default as “off”) OK, next you can click “Mode” button to set the parameters on Mode page.

Click the first option: “Full Disc Extraction” on Mode page and then press “Go” button. After these steps, a folder will appear at the place that you set, whose name is the same as the imported DVD. The following step is to open your Toast or DVD copy software.

As the picture below:
Choose “Video” / “VIDEO_TS_Folder” and then drag the ripped files to Toast. It will be done.


The film to rip is single-sided and double-layer, namely, it is 8.5 GB of film (D9 format). But it can not burn single-sided and double-layer disc, or you think it too expensive. OK! Before Burning the film, please remember that tick the option: “Fit-to-DVD vedio compression” at the bottom-left corner of the Toast of the interface.

Like this, you can burn DVD9 format files to DVD-/+R as 4.7GB (D5 format). This method can solve the problem about CSS encryption, region protection and single-sided and double-layer disc. Personally, it is very easy to use. Menu function still exists and the image is ok of the film made by this method. I hope it can help Mac fans solve the problem about DVD backup.