View Full Version : WHat do you guys think about the ZR650CSI's?

04-28-2008, 04:00 PM
For being in the $300ish price range? I have heard them but compared to focals(very bright).....I am looking for a set of either 2 way components to run active through my head unit, or possibly a set of 3 way components to run passive... steering more torwards a 3 way active setup(I have ran 2 way active before and its much easier than 3 way active)... especially when you have the 9887.

Im going to look into DLS(I heard they are the cheaper versions of Dynaudio)....

I will soon be replacing my frontstage and start over. I have all the power I need with the Big belle Either 75x4, or 230x2...everything is staying the same...after I figureout which components to go with...im done.


I am looking for a component set with a tweeter than is not made of metal, not harsh. I want it to be warm and smooth.(Like the rainbows I have now.)