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04-27-2008, 09:49 PM
Hi everybody, I have been away from this board for quite some time and I'm trying to break into a more serious sound system. I have so far a 10JLW6v2 that will be powered by an Audison LRx1.400, and Hertz MLK165 components to be powered by an Audison LRx4.1k.
I would like to go active and i never have before. I'm debating between the Pioneer DEH-P980BT or the DEH-P800BT, mostly because on the specs the P980 says it has auto time alignment/EQ. But I am trying to build a SQ system so and wondering if i will be loosing out with the P980 over the P800, I haven't read anything on here about the P980 so I'm wondering if the auto time/EQ is worth it.
Also as a side question is there a real difference in SQ between 5V pre-outs over 8V like the Eclipse CD7200MKII which seems to be gaining some popularity among users on this board?
Any other advice on the system that I have is welcome, the only thing installed so far is the sub with a Hifonics amp which is being replaced. This is all going into a Scion TC thankyou.

04-27-2008, 11:11 PM
DEH-P980BT all the way. You will have to buy the seperate I pod control box which mounts out of site, but its the superior deck. Even with auto EQ/TA/amp level settings, you can have external components, say a 30 band EQ, yet still utilize the features you still want from the deck like the TA.

04-28-2008, 02:24 AM
I just went through the same exact decisions and went with the 800PRS.

I purchased and got rid of the Eclipse CD7200mkII. I wasnt impressed with it. Its tactile feel is of a much lower level than the PRS, Excelon or Alpine units, it feels cheap, even though it isnt. The screen quality on the 7200 is abyssmal, its really unpleasant to use. The factory VF dotmatix display on GM head untis is easier to look at then the 7200, its even a greater disappointment if youve ever seen the display on the outgoing 7100. Last thing that killed the 7200 for me was that the menus are (imo) very convoluted, its difficult to use, nothing seemed even remotely intuitive about its design/menu layout. I am sure it sounds great, but I couldnt live with it.

04-28-2008, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the advice, I'm leaning towards the DEH-P980BT, and I've looked at the specs through pioneer's website and i think u can still adjust the crossover freq s manually, but i'm still wondering about the dual (L/R) 16band adjust ability of the DEH-P800. I'm not sure how hard setting the time would be i think i read something with a link that covered timing, and it has more expandable features such as HDRadio also, copper plated. So what would be the better route for a new to active settings guy....?