View Full Version : Pioneer DEH-P3900MP

04-27-2008, 03:48 AM
I'm finalizing my setup, and I'm looking in to this hu. I know it's old, but I can get it really cheap. I do have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer...they're quite nubby.

I'm not sure how to interpret all of the information about it for one thing. I would like to be able to adjust my sub separately from my speakers bass levels, this would be able to do that, correct?

I've chosen this hu simply cause I heard it is decent and because of it's price. I also prefer to use my ipods interface rather than the in dash interfaces' (alpine). I'm under the assumption that I can simply plug my ipod in to the hu through the aux input.

The car will be set up with rsd's powered by a cadence amp, and a type r also powered by a cadence amp.