View Full Version : Double DIN DVD unit in 04 MDX

04-25-2008, 10:51 PM
I'm wanting to install a Kenwood or Pioneer in dash DVD unit in my 2004 MDX. I have factory navigation and the Bose system installed. I've talked to a few installers and they say its a nightmare to install one of these units in a MDX. Mainly because of the factory navigation and the Bose system. Apparently no one makes a double DIN kit. The install is supposed to be a wiring nightmare as well. I believe you have to rewire the new unit to each speaker to get sound from the factory navigation. You also have to make a custom dash kit which installers charge a good bit for.

What are my options to get a unit similar to this one:


and 2 headrest monitors installed in my MDX? Are there any online shops out there with custom wiring harnesses or premade dash kits? I really don't want to pay $500 to $700 to get a $700 head unit installed.