View Full Version : diamond audio 12" d-3 review

04-22-2008, 07:36 PM
ok to start out this is "last years" model, but it is new and given to me to review for a local audio shop so here is what i came up with.

for the first test i went for sq with a ported box. i could not get the sq to my liking with the ported boxes i tried-- 2.0cu @30hz, 1.5cu @30hz and [email protected]
imo the 1.5cu box was the best of the three.
the second tests were with sealed boxes and had better results but still not to my liking--.75cu, 1cu, 1.25cu. imo the 1 cu box had the best results.
as far as sq, for the money there are better drivers out there but this one wasnt bad. so i decided to try for some spl. i went with the same ported boxes as above except i used slot ports and tuned at 40 hz.
the 1.5 cu at 40 hz box with a 2" wide slot(no air noise) gave very good results.
i ended up with 139.4 db using my 81000d at 2 ohms. this was in my 93 olds with a 18"x 28" cut out in the rear deck. this was pushing the driver to all of its limits, you could smell the coil heating up, and hear the suspention reaching its mechanical limits.
for the average daily driver and jammer, this will make a fine all round sub that can be herd down the road niceley. of course the sq wasnt that great(imo) but would be just fine for a daily driver sub and for the price, if you want to be herd down the street, you cant go wrong