View Full Version : 2006 civic EX box help.........

04-22-2008, 03:12 AM
ok so i just got a 2006 honda civic EX sedan. this is my first trunk install, I got a older model 12" mag powered by 1200 rms. im wondering how to get the best results from a car with a trunk. Which way to point sub / port have u had good results with? ive cut open the middle armrest thing to let sound in the cabin, does this help? what else could i do?

04-22-2008, 04:23 AM
i think the best way is sub and port back, but thats just my experience with trunk set ups.

04-22-2008, 04:38 AM
I have an 03 civic with a trunk and the best spot in my trunk is port/sub facing trunk lid 6-10" away from it.

04-22-2008, 12:42 PM
any other sugestions? i dont know if i can have it 6-10 in. away i want some space for some other things to.

04-22-2008, 12:46 PM
I have the 02" model which is the same. sub back port back. I've tried everything else and this configuration works best unless you fire into the cabin with the trunk sealed off (very difficult to do though, the rear deck has a ton of holes/gaps to fill in). Get the sub box as far back as you can in the trunk and put sound deadener on the trunk lid so it doesn't rattle