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04-21-2008, 09:42 PM
i have done a search, and just didnt find the info I was looking for. Now, what are the advantages of having a high volt hu, such as a Eclipse 8v unit. I read they have better output for SQ, please educate me on this!! Thanks!

04-21-2008, 09:45 PM
from what i have read the 8v Eclipse decks have great SQ.

i just got one today :woot:

probally will sell if the first dibber doesnt take it.

04-21-2008, 09:45 PM
dont have to push em as hard to get the level of sound you want. so you wont be clipping the sound as easy. i think? mine sounds good!

mine is up for sale too!

04-21-2008, 10:48 PM
higher voltage means you can run a lower gain setting on your amp. If you don't have noise issues with 3v (for example) you won't notice a difference at 8v.

04-21-2008, 10:52 PM
You also have to be careful when running an 8v deck, because some amplifiers have a maximum input voltage of less than 8v.

I have set the gains on both my amps at ~33% with a 2v deck.

04-22-2008, 02:23 PM
Overall, the noise floor is severely lowered because like everyone said, the gains on the amp don't have to be turned up as much.

As far as actualy SQ, the Eclipse decks used to have 55ohm output impedence on their 8v decks, not sure if they still do. Output impedence is more important than voltage when it come to actual SQ.

The deck I just purchased was the Premier DEH-P800PRS because it has only 100ohms and at 5volts. My gains are all the way down and it sounds as clean as anything I've ever owned.:cool: