View Full Version : 15" RD Alpha V2 Subwoofer

04-19-2008, 07:53 PM
I blew my 15" brahma MK1 a couple months ago so I was in the market for something louder and just as good sounding so I purchased a SI Mag. Yes it did do that but was not loud enough for me. So I traded in my blown Brahma for a SDX. The SDX was not louder than the Mag but it sounded pretty **** good. Still not as loud as I want to be so I kept my eye out for another sub, and I saw a for sale thread for this RD ALPHA v2. I threw it in a 3.3 cubed box tuned to 32hz. I used this box for the previous 3 subs also. Same amount of power and the RD was louder and hit lower out of all the subs. Seems like it could take the power better too. Subs does have some SQ there but I don't think it's as good as my previous 3. Definitely a good sub. Oh yeah I had a US Amps MD2D to run on each sub.