View Full Version : Verification for simple ported box design?

Reggie Lives
04-19-2008, 03:09 AM
I'm debating between sealed and ported, so figured I'd spend an extra 20 bucks on MDF and try both.

Sealed is easy enough, but I wanted to get some feedback that I have the right dimensions for the ported box.

Manufacturer suggests: 43 liters net volume. Stuff with 16 ounces of polyfill.
Then use a 3 flared port, 17 long for 24.5 Hz tuning.

I was gonna go 14"h x 20"w x 14"d, with 3/4 inch MDF. I have a flared port from an old box, but it's 9" so I'm going to have to extend that.

Does that look right?

I made depth and height equal because I wasn't sure if I wanted sub facing up or forward, so this way i can just flip it. I also put the port where it is because it's the only place 17" will fit....would it be better to have the port on plane with the woofer, and put in an elbow? Also, a few of the online calculators I used suggest that the port should be around 18.5" to tune it to 24.5hz....is the manufactor taking polyfill into account?

PS it's a 10" sub with around 2-3litter displacement.