View Full Version : Need help with eclipse 55040

04-18-2008, 05:38 PM
first time poster
I bought a new HU on ebay,
the unit had been described as fully functional. except for the internal amps not working.
I have a little tri amp setup going so I was ok with that.

I found troubles when I opened the box
the reason the amp may be out is the caved in underside and cracked heatsink from the antenna cable thru the rca cable areas
I hope to return it, but if I end up eating it does anyone have install advice?

is this unit delicate enough that the physical damage will become an issue?? it looks like its been this way for awhile
I specifically need a couple things:
identification of the wire harness (like red is +12 and blue maybe switched+12)

ALSO what is the little metal box dangling from a 12inch wire with the dire disconnect warning all about???

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