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04-17-2008, 08:17 AM
What exactly can you tune manually with the PXA-H100? Does it open up new menues in the HU? I have the CDA-9886, which uses the PXA (vs the 9887 which uses the other one) but was holding off buying the PXA-H100 untill the KTX-H100 was available. I assume you don't need the tunning kit to utilize the imprint processor?

It does open new menus in the ida-X100.

#1 it removes the "loudness" option from the basic imprint menu.

#2 Advanced Imprint manager (found when holding the Setup button and selecting Audio)
- adds Mexia Expander
- adds time correction (with several preset options)
- adds 3-way crossover (front/rear/sub)
- adds option for graphic or parametric EQ
- adds time correction option for cm (centimeters) or ms (milliseconds)

and a few other options that I can't recall off the top.

I installed mine last night and am already very impressed with the difference the control has made. I have a set of Boston Pro 6.5s installed up front, a Kicker solo L5 8" in .34 cu.ft. sealed box and a Soundstream Picasso 4x60 amp. This is installed into a 2006 Xterra.

#1 major difference is, of course, the time correction, which finally brought the image towards the center of the soundstage. I played a bit with the crossover, nothing yet with equalization.

I'm still waiting for the KTX-H100 to arrive. My shop accidently gave me last years model (KTX-100EQ) and I was wondering why the hell the connections wouldn't fit into the H100, until the realization.

04-23-2008, 01:09 PM
TTT anyone else hooked theirs up yet?

And has anyone got the KTX-H100 (set up kit) yet either? My dealer said mid May before I can take delivery...

06-22-2008, 02:48 PM
Bumping this S up:D

Has anyone used the KTX-H100 tunning kit yet? I know it's only $30, but don't feel like throwing money away if it's not worth it.

06-22-2008, 10:41 PM
I would say it's the best $30 I've spent on car audio. HUGE difference in sound.

06-23-2008, 10:23 AM
I would say it's the best $30 I've spent on car audio. HUGE difference in sound.

I also have applied the tuning software. It really made a significant difference, very worth the $30.

06-26-2008, 03:56 AM
So far the Sound Manager hasnt worked out for me. What could i be doing wrong. I have my set at 3 way system. And i only have speakers up front in the factory locations in an 05 Tacoma. I have one sub in the rear of an access cab.

Every time i run the Sound Manager i set the Left seat only option. And have it pin point the 5 locations.

My first question, should i use a tripod so it could be at ear level? (the mic of course)

And why do i get a ton of bass from my woofers. It sounds good with alternative music, Rock, Classic Rock, Latin... But once a rap song comes on my speakers distort like crazy. I have to turn the bass all the way down, but they still sound like they're distorting.

Im running Focal PolyGlass 165v2 in the door, and they're getting around 80watts. HU is an Alpine W505.

06-26-2008, 09:55 AM
I would suggest you use the tripod, and place the mic in all 5 locations throughout the tuning process.

07-23-2008, 01:38 AM
Firstly apologise for bumping a month old thread, but I need some help on the imprint kits.

I've recently got the CDA-9886 and PXA-h100 with KTX-H100 installed in my car, but we can not get the imprint program to work.
Once the imprint module is plugged in the HU will automatically go to "multi EQ setup do not touch any button". Our laptop can picked up the PXA-H100 OK (or so it seems) but once the measure button is pressed, it would start measuring the FL speaker and will give out an "-2" error code once it reached 5%. This happens every single time. There isn't also any noise emitted from the speakers.
What are we doing wrong here?
The dip switches on the HU are all set to external processor.
Pre-outs are all connected from the imprint box.
Any advices regardless of how obvious they are would be really appreciated.

07-23-2008, 03:14 PM
are you able to hear music when the Imprint calibration kit KTX-H100 is not plugged in?

07-23-2008, 11:56 PM
As soon as the PXA-h100 is plugged in, it seems to go straight to the setup mode.

07-24-2008, 10:31 AM
That makes no sense at all, the PXA-H100 will work stand alone. Maybe you have a bad unit? Did you talk to your vendor about this problem?

07-24-2008, 12:02 PM
Ok, the PXA-H100 enables the Media Xpander, Time Correction, G-EQ, P-EQ, F-EQ option in the Audo Setup section. This allows you to do manual settings and listen to music the way you want. It works just by itself. The calibration kit, KTX-H100, helps you calibrate the sound so you don't need to do manual setting. When the microphone of the kit is plugged in, your head unit will display "multi EQ setup do not touch any button".

Now, if you get this message without the microphone plug in, then the PXA-H100 is defective. Also make sure there is nothing plug into the mic line and see if you can hear music when you play songs. If you cannot hear music, then the setup of your PXA-H100 is not setup correctly.

If you can hear music when the mic is not plug in, and when you plug the mic in and the display says "multi EQ setup do not touch any button", then everything is setup correctly. At this point, you have 2 possibilities, the mic is defective or the PXA-H100 is defective. Which one, well I would say return the kit and get a new one and see if the same issue occurs. If the next mic is the same, then it is the PXA-H100.

07-26-2008, 04:20 AM
I finally got a hold of the KTX-H100, and I am impressed with the results. I had some spikes around 5K that I couldn't get rid of manually with the EQ. I ran the software set to FRONT using 4 locations, and wow the results are nice and FLAT. I have been using the LINEAR mode and vocals were improved tremendously, imaging is a whole lot better.

Everyone was right, not a waste of money. I didn't have low bass response like other users using the Imprint software, I wonder if it's just on the 9887.

BTW, I used vista home premium, worked like a charm.

I do have a question though, how can you tell the crossover points it selected? I must have selected my fronts at a low crossover point or a low slope because I smelled a warm voice coil during testing, and behold, the smell came from my front driver woofer. On manual tuning I had it set @ 80hz 12 db slope and never had an issue. Well, I just engaged the HP filter on my amp to correct this. It would be nice if we can at least choose the crossover points.

08-19-2008, 05:21 PM
What the difference between the LINEAR mode and the other two.

I could barely hear the difference between the first two options.

Im going to run the kit again later tonight using a tripod. Hopefully it will make a difference and improve my midbass. I'm always lacking drums when i upgrade. Toms, floors toms, and percussion gets lost. My g.f 09 camry sounds a lot better.

Ill try the LINEAR setting as well, but just curious as to what its going to sound like.