View Full Version : Box/Port Construction Help

04-13-2008, 10:55 PM
for my buddy nmber1spt, HEY IM NEW HERE!!!! im 19, male, live in pa, usa, just working, have a 1996 pontiac firebird 3.8 modded, live in my own apartment and have a girlfriend. and the amp is a DUB4001 from AudioBahn and the subs i believe are NWX-1044 Zebra subs.

i have 2 200watt 10's in a roughly 1.8 ft box being pushed by a 400watt amp. it has a port on it, its about 2 inches in diameter with no port length besides the 3/4 inch mdf. i need to know what size to make the port and if the box is big enough. i want it tuned for metal, i want some hard hitting drum bass kicks. thanks for the help in advance!!!

04-13-2008, 10:58 PM
not to be a dill, but, Like maybe hey NEW here........"about yourself" and then hey I have this problem can anybody help. subs and amp make help too. your welcome in advance.