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04-13-2008, 10:07 AM
Readiness: RTR

Condition: Used Good

Why Selling: I'm selling this because with my workout/dieting schedule I sadly no longer have time to race it.

Willing to Trade: No

PRICE $750 SHIPPED in the U.S. 48

PICTURES ARE HERE: http://www.putfile.com/album/185005

Alright what we have here is a Team Losi 8ight T "RTR" but has been upgraded where needed. I have nearly 1 gallon of 30% Byrons race fuel through this engine and has never been run above 230 degrees(Monitored using a craftsman temp gun). The current tires/wheels are Pro Line Holeshot LPRs and I also have the stock XTT tires and wheels that tons of life on both sets. This is far from the stock RTR version after changing the shock caps with the aluminum versions from Losi, the shock towers have been swapped for King Headz black Aluminum towers and the rear brace is also from King Headz and is the extended version(stock one is still coming with the purchase) and installing the extended brace requires drilling a small hole in the chassis which I have done for your information. The differentials are filled with 7Kfront 10kcenter and 3krear and this worked best for my local track, you may find different. The servos have been swapped out to JRz9100S servos and turn the wheels from lock to lock and move the throttle/brake with very fast speed and authority, the only downfall is that high powered servos do drain your receiver pack a LOT faster than low powered but this is unavoidable and well worth the performance. A carbon fiber radio tray brace from Xtreme is also installed in this Losi 8ight to reduce flex from the powerful servos. A ti-hinge pin brace from Losi has been installed on the truggy and comes with many,many extra inserts for tuning to your needs. This comes with lots of extra parts such as steering knuckles, arms, hinge pins,stock shock caps,stock shock towers,stock white wing,stock chassis brace,sway bars,shock bladders and most screws needed for the 8ight, I know I left out quite a bit of things but these are what are I can think of right now. I can also include a pit box that will come loaded with shock oil and diff fluid from 20wt-50wt or 3K-10k diff fluids. I'm also giving you two glo-plug heaters and two 5-cell receiver packs and will come with the Losi over-night charger,heck you're even getting the transmitter loaded with AA batteries. This thing is still just as fast as a new RTR in speed because the engine still performs like new and the clutch still hooks up without slipping and launches hard and the brakes still lock up if you choose to set them that way(I recommend you set your linkages when or if you purchase this or any 8ight). Actually, I'd say this is a lot faster than a stock RTR, on the track at least as it has been tuned and "dialed" in. I have well over $1100 into this rig but I'll give you some highlights and a conservative pricing breakdown of it all real fast:

$569 RTR Kit

$230 JR 9100S Servos

$22 Rear KH Shock Tower

$22 Front KH Shock Tower

$15 Chassis Brace

$65 Wheels and Tires

$15 Radio tray Brace

$20 KH +1/2 Offset Hubs

$23 Aluminum Shock Caps

$80 Spare Parts


All of these things actually cost quite a bit more but I'll be conservative on everything. Now, let's get down to business, I'm asking a very fair price of $750 shipped in the 48 states, shipping won't be cheap on all of this stuff and I'll have to eat the paypal fees and package this up heavily so it doesn't get damaged which costs a bit of money as well or else I'd cut you a better deal on everything. If anyone is looking into getting an 8ight T, this is the way to go and you'll save money by not having to buy expensive upgrades or hop ups because they're already included and installed on this truggy. Heck, the RTR and the servos that are a MANDATORY(Since the stock are absolutely horrible and burn up in your first week of use) upgrade would cost you more than I'm asking. Thanks for reading my book of a post but a detailed description of what you may potentially be getting is always great for any buyer and this is how I'd like to see something I'm interested in buying. Remember guys this does have it's signs of use such as your normal,typical scratches on the bottom of the chassis but on the top side of the chassis it's very clean and looking great and catches eyes at the local track and the stock body has it's signs of being raced but it's not too bad. THIS IS A USED VEHICLE AND NOT NEW but it is in great condition in my opinion.



http://www.putfile.com/album/185005 :There's a lot of them and I know eveyone loves pics!

04-14-2008, 02:49 PM
To the top.

04-14-2008, 09:55 PM
$625shipped. HUGE Price drop INSANE DEAL.