View Full Version : Alpine ERA G320 EQ

04-11-2008, 01:24 AM
I'm going to hook this up to the LOML's car, using an Alpine HU and I understand the AI-Net is out of date for the HU (CDA-9851) but reading the manual, it states to use the VOL on the EQ as opposed to the HU.

I would think I could find a happy medium on the EQ and still use the rotary dial but anyone using this EQ...can you enlighten me on if I should use the EQ for the main VOL control.

04-28-2008, 10:19 PM
That unit should be able to control that eq. If it cannot, and you don't want to use the volume on the eq, you should just be able to use it without the AInet at all, as if you didn't even have an alpine deck, and use it standalone. You will have to set the EQ in the middle range of volume, then just use the rotary knob on the head-unit. I would try the AI-net first though, you might find that it (the volume on the era-g320) is disabled, or you can just set it around 17-20, then just use the volume on the head unit. I recently found a second brain only for next to nothing on craigslist, so I took the nice face out of the car, and am just running the brain only to a cva-1005, since it can be completely controlled by the head unit. The second car, i'm using a really old (late 80's) alpine cd player that obviously has no AI-net at all, and I just used it as a stand-alone (no ai-net cable) and just set the volume @ 20, then I use the volume on the deck. I was really lucky and found this really old unit in a car at a junk yard, so I only paid about 20$ for it, and I found it's really sought after for sound quality. After scanning the web, I've found lots of sound quality competitors use this old deck, with this eq in exactly this way, so I knew before I even installed the stuff that there was a way to not only make it work, but make it sound amazing as well (which it does!) Good luck with it, once you get it all dialed in you will be amazed with the era-g320, I've been using them since they first came out.