View Full Version : Makeup Positive Feedback Thread For All Those I Miss

04-10-2008, 10:44 PM
I want to say im sorry too a few folks, I have done some more deals on here but forgot to leave proper positive feedback. Well, here you go......

traded my Kicker 2ch amp for a single run of 0/1 gauge thats currently being used as The Big 3 in my car. Very cool guy and had a good experence with him, would gladly do business in the future.

I bought a Orion 8002 from him a month or 2 ago and arrived perfect. Had everything like it was brand new including the endcaps. Another perfect sale and highly recommend.

Sold him a LOC to help with his install. Paid very quickly and was very cool to deal with. Again, another flawless sale.

Bought my Orion 8002, everything went smoothly and was a pleasure to deal with. Another great guy to deal with.

Overall, I have never had one bad dealing on this forum, and im very thankful for that. I feel if you just be honest with people and make things clear, it saves alot of headaches in the end. Thank you very much to everyone I have delt with up to this point.

04-10-2008, 10:50 PM
indeed. teh tez was great to deal with. i just wish i had the time to install everything i've bought recently. :(