View Full Version : Crossover compatability / upgrade?

04-08-2008, 04:09 PM
Hi all, got a question regarding a potential upgrade.

First, what I already have.

I'm running a JVC HU into a 50x4RMS (@4ohm) amp.
Current speakers are Infinity Reff 5010cs comps in the front ( with 80hz HPF on), Polk DB650's in rear running unfiltered.
8" Pioneer Shallow Sub under pasengers seat off a seperate 200W amp on a 97HZ LPF.
Sound deadening project for doors just getting underway (weather permitting)

OK, First, I'm pretty happy with the sound of my system as it is. The infinity silk tweeters are to my liking but while the 5.25" drivers are clear, they do lack mid bass. That said, the Polks (used as fillers) do go down low enough to compensate and the sub fills in nicely ( for the mostly acoustic, vocals and classic rock i listen too.)
The sound stage if fairly centered forward and also pretty decient (IMHO). Once the sound deadening happens, i should be even more content.......

HOWEVER, I have an itch to upgrade something. First, I was thinking of upgrading the Polks to some new Pioneer D series coax's but I'm not sure how much SQ that's going to buy me sinse i run them as filler. Now I'm thinking maybe I should put the Infinity Comps in the rear and put some new ( Pioneer D/prs series?) comps up front. The problem is, my Infinity crossovers (3500KHZ) are buried deep in the dash and i'd like to avoid having to swap them out.

Question 1) Could I use these crossovers on the pioneers ( I can't find crossover specs for these) or other suggested comps in order to keep the swap simple? Will it affect SQ much if I do?

Question 2: Which of the two choices above make the most sense in true SQ improvement

Question 3: I know it's discussed frequently, but if you have other suggestions for speakers/options welcome.

You guys seem to know your stuff ( and understand "need to upgrade' :-) ) so I figured I'd toss this out there.

Oh yea, budget is $100-$225 depending on percieved improvement.
Thanks in advance.