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04-08-2008, 01:05 AM
So i scraped kicker and decided to travel a less traveled road (perhaps because it costs so dam much)

Long story short I'm trying to design a ported enclosure for a 12" FI SSD that i'll soon be purchasing.

I toyed around with the RE calc. and came up with this:

W: 30
H: 14
D: 13
Wood thickness: .75
Squere port height: 12.5
Squere port width: 1.5
Squere port Length 1: 10.75
Squere port Length 2: 8
Total port Length: 21.75
Square port Diameter: 4.89
Square port area: 18.75
Square port Volume internal: 407.81
Square port volume displacement 421.31
Box volume: 2.127
Tuned Frequency: 30.6

How would this work out, the box is just about the right size but I know nothing when it comes to tuning the port. can someone plz help me out.

Also is someone lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with wood working tools PM me.

04-08-2008, 01:07 AM
pm ryan036 i think it is

04-08-2008, 01:08 AM

04-08-2008, 08:48 AM
i would go for 2.5 volume tuned at 33 Hz not much of a difference but on fi's website it tells you what to tune it too and those subs are for SQ so it's probably the best tuning

04-08-2008, 03:03 PM
does ryanM923 have tools are is he just good at designing enclosures?

and I'll fix the dementions to fit the specs later today.

Just looking for some helpful comments or suggestions.

W: 31
H: 14
D: 15
Wood thickness: .75
Squere port height: 12.5
Squere port width: 2.2
Squere port Length 1: 12.05
Squere port Length 2: 6
Total port Length: 22.1
Square port Diameter: 5.9
Square port area: 27.5
Square port Volume internal: 607.75
Square port volume displacement: 620.725
Box volume: 2..522
Tuned Frequency: 33.33

04-23-2008, 09:10 PM
Did you ever end up building a enclosure? I have a 12'' SSD in the mail as we speak. I am doing research on enclosures now for it.