View Full Version : AD Audio Component Review.

04-03-2008, 12:34 AM
Now i know most haven't heard any from these so i will tell you about them. They **** i didn't even have these components 2days and one fcked up not even past vol 7. If they can't handle that , that's just really sad. Although could be in the shipping something happened. Put when i wrote Re nay aka audio master on here he said the only thing he could do is i would have to send them back for them to actually test them and to see if i was telling the truth. Like he thought i was lying or b.s. like that he even know's im a straight up guy so he wanted me to pay shipping both ways to send the bad pair back to him and for him to send the good pair out to me. I even told em i could not money is real real tight . So obviously stuck with them. But as for AD Audio components there horrible. Im now running Type s alpine's and love em they sound great , clear sound and real good midbass also (hands down AD Audio *****)

04-04-2008, 02:48 AM
Ok guy's previously i had did this review here i wanted to make things right. I had talked to audio master on here aka Re nay is his name. They are nice component set maybe the wires touched something , maybe the vol was more then i thought although pretty sure it wasn't. these are a sq sql component set they do have a good clear crisp sound. Things do happen audiomaster's company orignally made me a deal to help me out in my situation which i do appericate alot i was wrong for going off how i did now will i run ad again though probably not just because there to high end for me but all you sql and sq guy's look into them. like i said could of been just a simple mistake on my part or my installer aka my buddy that helped me never know . Even though audiomaster said they were tested before shipment so never know could of also been something that happeneded in shippment. Although iam sorry for saying bad word about AD audio i guess it was just common reaction out of me also just because i was so close to install when it happened. i mean saving up/ much much more for over 7 1/2 months now was just something that happened wasn't expecting. I shouldn't of said what i said. My dearest apology's for that though. With this said i just wanted to make thing's right. Also though i will be writing up a review for the STEG 120.2 that was sent 2 me also:D.