View Full Version : I changed my mind about Pioneers auto EQ & T/A

04-02-2008, 10:40 PM
well as some of you may know i have the Pioneer 880PRS HU. when i first got it i tried using the auto EQ & T/A. it didn't work out so well, wasn't pleased with the sound at all. the upper mid-range seemed very exaggerated and sorta harsh i would say, just real edgy sounding.

well back then i was running the RSD's passively on a ZX550.2, also it was very cold when i tried it(about 25, maybe 30 degrees outside). i just tried it again, this time i have them running active off of my DD S4 and it was in the low 40's outside, but i had the car warmed up plenty inside. not sure if temps had anything to do with anything though but figured i'd eliminate that. i had the mic in the same spot so no other changes.

anyway.... this time around the sound is amazing!! only had maybe an hour of listening time so far since i did it but so far i love it.

a few things that caught my attention:

-the t/a specs it came up with for the mids and tweets were the same EXACT numbers i settled upon when i did it manually. so i guess i did that right by ear, i was pretty proud of myself there.

-the crossover points for the mids and tweets were the same i had tried when i first went active(2.5k/24db & 3.15k/24db).

-the crossover points between the mids and sub was a bit odd, it set the sub at 50hz/12db and the mids at 80hz/12db. it left a decent size gap there.

-the levels it set on the mids and tweets are also kinda strange to me, it set one of the mids at 0 and the other at -2, one of the tweets at -4 and the other at -2. i never had any differences between l/r on he mids and tweets when i set them manually, i just made adjustments using the l/r eq using test tones.

the only thing i felt the NEED to change so far was the sub level and crossover point. i upped the level a few notches and upped the crossover point from 50hz to 63hz.

so i changed my mind about the auto EQ and T/A function. first time i tried it months ago it was so bad i couldn't take it, now it sounds amazing. not sure what made the huge difference but i like it. i'm gonna see how it goes over the next few days and i'll report back.

so, sorry for the long, probably useless post, but i just though i would share my experience with it.

04-03-2008, 12:46 AM
Yup did my "yearly" auto EQ T/A setup on my pioneer as well. Ya I get the same thing with one tweeter or mid being louder than the other. It sounds amazing so im not complaining :)

04-04-2008, 09:32 PM
nevermind, i spoke to soon. i listened to a few of my favorite cd's and i can't take the way it sounds. i don't know where it's cutting or boosting in the EQ but something pretty extreme is going on and i don't like it. way to fatiguing for my ears. i couldn't get it so sound tame enough for me so i went back to all manual settings. i don't think i'm bad at tuning but i just couldn't correct what the auto EQ did.

12-01-2008, 12:36 AM
Total necropost, I know, but a quick question.

Is there a way to look at the eq adjustments that the auto eq makes? I've tried looking at every curve after letting the mic takes its measurments and can't seem to find any sort of auto eq curve, just the factory presets.

I've probably run auto eq/ta about a dozen times since I got my p800. I've taped it to both headrests and even suspended it rom the ceiling directly between seats for one run.

Like you, it never seems to mess with my mid/tweet crossover point, but it always cuts the sub low (50 or 63) and the mids high (100+).

Usually it will cut the opposite side tweet and mid by 2-4 db compared to the same side when using front left or front riht measurements.

Also, for some strange reason it always tries to set my subs to stereo, gives each channel different levels, and hits them both with a 15-18db reduction. This might be because I'm running 1500 watts two a pair of idmax 12's, but I don't know.