View Full Version : ATLANTA: FS 1972 Datsun 510 project

04-02-2008, 02:53 PM
I thoroughly dont want to sell this car, but it turns out i will be moving somewhere without any storage space so i am putting the 510 project up for sale.

some quick things to note
1. there is no motor and tranny in the car, absolutely everything else is there
2. i do have a title for this fine car if you need one.

1972 datsun 510
VIN PL510382009

this car has been in Georgia to my knowledge since 1973 , perhaps since it was purchased in september 1972.

there is no rot that is typical on these old 510s, especially a GA car. Car has been taken care of its whole life and has not developed cancer. One reason I chose this car was because of the incredible shape it was in compared to all the other cars I had seen. This is a great place to start your project. It needs so little to be on the road and tearing things up. I know a member on here is selling a turbo KA setup that would absolutely haul in this car.

the car has i believe an aftermarket steering wheel
it has front and rear swaybars
aftermarket springs (unsure)
aftermarket shocks (kontrolle)
modern front headlights ready for HID kit to go right in

car has the emblems, logos, bumpers, side vents, sidemarkers, trim pieces, some are just not on the car currently but are all there. All the stuff that you need.

rear R160 diff is of course in the car
exhaust on the car is rusted, but might not be shot. I would just trash it

the car as pictured has brand new rota RB wheels on it with brand new fuzion ZRI tires that arent made anymore in this size, was hard as hell to find them. Great tires I love em , had them on my last datsun as well.

for the asking price you will receive 13inch watanabe/panasport style rims that look good on the car. tires will all need to be replaced to my knowledge. two have great tread but are cracked i think.

for a bit more you will get the brand new rota Rb and brand new fuzion ZRI with the car to really give it a great look and superior performance.

$2500 for car with all parts, 13inch wheels
$3000 for car with all parts, and rota RB 15x7 with brand new fuzion ZRI 195 50 15 tires

these prices are basically firm, i might budge a TINY bit depending on if you bring me cash in your hand as money talks, but i'm not here to rip my own self off. This is a real rust free GA car which basically doesn't exist in this modern day and age.

feel free to give me a call
404 457 8053