View Full Version : HELP With ALPINE CDA 9885

03-27-2008, 09:20 AM
Sorry so long :) Hi all, I was hooking up a sub and aftermarket speakers the other day for my brother and something odd happened. He has an ALPINE CDA 9885 that was hooked up to factory speakers. We put in a pair of Polk db651's, tested them, an everything was fine. We then hooked up a sub and amp to existing wiring that was already in the truck (I had an amp in there when I drove the truck). The only thing we ran ourselves was new RCA's b/c I took the other ones. Anyways, got it all hooked up and plugged the RCAs into the subwoofer outputs on the 9885. The speakers came on fine and sounded good, but the sub wouldn't. Checked all connections, nothing wrong. Then, we plugged the RCAs into the speaker outputs to see if the problem was the other outputs. The sub worked, but no sound from the other speakers. We then put the RCAs back in the sub outputs and the sub was working and still no sound from other speakers. I checked the power IC (which was still on), all the connections, have reset the unit, and have plugged and unplugged it. The only sound that comes out from the speakers is a slight pop from one speaker when I turn the power IC from off to on. Did I blow the headunit's internal amp?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.