View Full Version : Good 6X8s to be powered by H/U?

03-23-2008, 12:10 PM
You're not going to talk me into getting an amp and subs blah blah blah, I just want something loud enough to play over wind noise when the windows are down while not distorting and sounding like garbage. The stock speakers are incapable of doing just that so I'm forced to upgrade those.

Truck: x-cab 08 Ranger front and rear 6X8's

I understand that speakers that sound good on a amp running 100w RMS aren't going to sound good on h/u power at 20w RMS. Everything I've seen in searches everyone just tell people to get an amp and then run X brand speakers.

So... what are the best (in your opinion, everyone has their preferences) speakers that will fit in the 6X8 holes (will consider getting something besides 6X8 if it is very simple to install) but don't want components. I pretty much want everything to look stock except for the h/u obviously.

03-23-2008, 12:57 PM
Since you can't be talked into an amp,just keep your stock 6x8's

03-23-2008, 06:08 PM
just look for a 6x8 that has lower rms ratings and higher db efficency ratings to get the most of the HU's power....ex. infinity's reference speakers are efficent and have relatively low rms requirements....

03-23-2008, 06:14 PM
i like my pioneer 6x8. 60 dollers at best buy there not to bad. but im sure u can find better for what i paid.

03-24-2008, 10:04 AM
just get kicker DS they sound very nice the highs are very clean and loud low rms

03-24-2008, 11:20 AM
Pioneer REVs.