View Full Version : help with new design

03-22-2008, 12:21 PM
I'm looking to make a new box design for my woofers ( 4 TS-W1207D2s ) I wanted to make a smaller enclosure by using a single 6" aero port vs a slot port like i currently have. The box i have now barely squeeks into my trunk i basically have to pry it out with 3 guys. I figured if i make it a little smaller i would have more air to push around rather than being smothered in the trunk. Here is my current box 7cubic foot net tuned 36hz 81 sq inches of port.


If i made a new box i would be looking 6cubic foot net tuned lower 30-32hz.
Do you think the new box would help out at all or should i just save my time and money?