View Full Version : Alpine's Best (9887)

03-21-2008, 02:22 PM
I just got the new CDA- 9887 from Alpine and I must say, WOW!!! Maybe its because I've upgraded from a low end Pioneer to the 9887 that I'm currently in AWW, but this head unit is nothing short of amazing. Forget about Lows Mids and Highs, the Paremetric EQ in this deck pretty much lets you manipulate every single sound from your stereo into a personally amazing listening experience. If you have subwoofers in your car than the built in Crossover feature just adds the personal tuning of your system. The T.Correction feature also adds a very nice touch to compliment my component system in the front and my 6x9s in the rear. Easy navigation to let you cruise through your iPod or even a C.D. Over all I'm very impressed with this head unit and unless I ever find another Pioneer with a comparable EQ I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with Alpine.