View Full Version : Fatmat Extreme

spl guru
03-20-2008, 09:52 PM
So I saw all the "fatmat *****" issues, and decided to see how bad it really was.

I started by wiping down all metal with acetone.

Now with the aid of a blow dryer, free included roller, razorblade, and some Dr. Pepper---- this stuff worked like a charm!!

No problems with it sticking whatsoever! I laid a smaller test piece down, rolled and heated it to see exactly how tough the "tar" is.

ITS TOUGH! Pulling it back up is a joke! It takes about 3-4 mintues to get a 12x12 piece back off without all its reminents. The strength is great with darn strong bonding to the metal

$129.99 to your door for 100sq ft from Ebay:greedy:

I will reply in a few months to update the durability of this stuff. And whether or not its falling off like many on here claim it does, but om having a hard time believing its gonna fall off:veryhapp: